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◆ The Goodbye || Leeteuk

He was against the door frame with Soojung in his arms, trying to hide his tears from his daughter. Blood tears. Luckily she was sleeping, so he wouldn’t have to explain what was going on. He looked at the closet half empty and felt the warm tears rolling down. His heart was broken once again. Seeing him leaving made he feel the pain of dying again. How would him carry on? He didn’t know. Leeteuk laid his daughter on his bed carefully and went to the living room. He even thought about suicide, but he couldn’t leave his child alone. No… She was too precious to lose both parents. He already knew what is the pain of losing both parents. She didn’t deserve it.

Hyukjae was gone, and he took his heart with him. Leeteuk fell asleep, crying as he thought what he would do when his daughter wake up in the morning calling for her "umma".

One year, and it all was over.

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so this happened
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